Home Staging by Carol is a professional staging service with a proven track record. We pride ourselves on sharing honest Raving Reviews from past owners and agents. Actual names do not appear but can be provided upon request. Check back periodically as we are always adding new reviews. You could be our Next Success Story!

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Couldn't have asked for a better experience than I had with Carol. Flawless. And I'm convinced that the staging she did with the house enabled us to get far more for the house than we would have otherwise. I can say without reservation that Carol delivers an amazing staging for a very competitive price.
- New Owner Client - Closed Escrow

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Oh Carol, I was amazed at how elegant my client's place looks. You are truly gifted! The color combination, the size of objects, the paintings you selected truly make this co-op stunning. The warmth you Feel as you walk around is truly phenomenal. Thank you so much for doing a super job! The pictures do not compare.
- Impressed New Listing Agent

Carol and her team came in like a well-oiled machine! Efficient and professional and changed the total atmosphere of my listing. While many are checking out the option of "Virtual Staging", I have to say that our decision to use "The Real Thing" was the best decision! Regardless of what a property looks like online, the buyer must physically tour the property and without real staging the best presentation of the property just cannot be met. I thank Carol and her team for exceptional work and their help in selling this home, we even sold at above asking and had a solid back-up offer! With much appreciation and gratitude! - Impressed New Listing Agent Closed Escrow

My house was very challenging for any decorator. All of the walls were painted different colors; avocado green, salmon, purple, lime green, yellow. I did not think anyone was going to be willing to "stage" such a difficult house. My real estate agent recommended Home Staging by Carol and arranged an appointment. Carol came to the house and I was delighted when she said she would find a way to make the staging work. Carol did an amazing job! She handled the landscaping, indoor and outdoor cleaning and pressure washing, as well as the staging of furniture and decor accents. When she was finished, my house looked fantastic! Carol's decorating skill made showing the house so much better for the agent, and we sold quickly! Selling a house is super stressful, but Carol's organizational skills and calming assurance made the whole process so much easier. Thank you Carol! You are awesome!
- Impressed Oiginal Homeowner

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Overall it improved our property style and outlook into a decent condition. Carol will customize the staging after looking around your property and then every day it's ready to show every day. With Carol's help, we were able to sell out within a quick time at a higher than listing price. We recommend Carol to anyone in the OC area who wants to sell your property!
- Used On-site Marketing Expert - Owner's Comments

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As an Agent, Carol has been my 1st call for years now. There are a handful of people that I have the privilege to work with that have a near-impossible level of dedication to the client. I count Carol among those who put the needs of the client above all else. As a result, our success in achieving Top $ figures for our Sellers rose dramatically. If you are not staging a vacant home with Carol, you stand to leave a lot of money on the table.
- Used On-site Marketing Expert - Long Time Past Client Agent

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I cannot say enough about the MOST talented Carol. The staging was done beautifully! I gave Carol very little to go on of what I wanted and yet she was able to stage my home exactly as I had hoped. She’s very good at reading people’s needs and delivering it to perfection. And I was so amazed, I got an offer within 3 days of putting it up on the market! I highly recommend Carol with the utmost confidence, you will love her work and your home will look like an inviting paradise!!
- Satisfied Client

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As an Agent, Carol has been my 1st call for years now. There are a handful of people that I have the privilege to work with that have a near-impossible level of dedication to the client. I count Carol among those who put the needs of the client above all else. As a result, our success in achieving Top $ figures for our Sellers rose dramatically. If you are not staging a vacant home with Carol, you stand to leave a lot of money on the table.
- Long Time Client & Listing Agent.

This is the second time I've used Home Staging by Carol. Carol is one of the most talented and conscientious people I've ever met. I interviewed over 10 stagers before hiring Carol, and there wasn't even a close second. Most stagers will decorate your home and make it look good; Carol knows how to make your home more desirable and increase its value. Her years as a real estate agent make her invaluable throughout the entire process of selling your home. She's always looked out for my interest and kept my realtor on his toes. I would highly recommend Carol to anyone that can defer to her expertise and trust that she will always do what's in your best interest.
Used On-site Marketing Expert - Past Seller Client

Home Staging by Carol is amazing! I highly recommend it! I have worked with Carol before, and the property transformations are always amazing! The most recent project was a vacant condo that didn’t show very well. Carol and her team furnished it to the 9’s and we sold in a week! I can’t thank you enough! Staging matters!! I’ll be back. Thank you. Mike.
Used On-site Marketing Expert - Long Time Past Client Agent

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Carol has an impressive inventory of furnishings and she knew exactly what was going to work in my property. She also took time to guide me on making the exterior just as impressive. Staging with Carol was an investment that more than paid for itself. I received over-asking-price offers on the very first day!
- Very Happy Staged - Home Seller

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I have worked with Carol for almost 30 years. I began working with her as a marketing specialist, and attribute much of my success to her contact management system for current and past clients. I would visit Carol at homes that she had staged as an On-site Marketing Manager, which I sold several of those homes. I have successfully used Carol’s talent as a staging service for a number of my listings. She has an eye for presenting each home in the best light, even some properties with definite challenges. When both my wife and I decided to retire, I knew I MUST turn to Carol to stage my home. Once our home here in was depersonalized and Carol brought in her appropriate furnishings and decor, our house was stunning beyond my expectations. We opened escrow in 6 days. I wholeheartedly recommend Home Staging by Carol to make your home shine in order to sell for the best price in the shortest time! Best wishes to your continued success Carol.
- Long Time Past Client Agent / Homeowner

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Carol did an incredible job making sure the condo reflected the theme that made it the most sellable. Her eye for the correct scale of furniture is incredible. She made a really pretty blank canvas come to life! She was very good about hearing what I wanted and translating it into the exact vision I had in my head. I've used her before and will certainly use her again.
- Happy Vacant Property Owner

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Working with Carol has been a great experience. She is professional, talented and very personable. The house was beautifully staged. She has an amazing eye for color, light, space, and shape. My clients loved the work she did and purchased many pieces of her furnishings.
- Hunt Club Buyer's Agent

Carol was THE catalyst that finally got our condo sold after being on the market for three months with no real activity. She pushed aggressively and effectively to beautifully stage the property, fix outstanding maintenance issues, and get things moving. It worked! Without Carol, we'd still be trying to sell the property.
- Happy Vacant Property Owner

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I have used Carol Roemmer for staging for many years. My most recent listing was the first time one of my sellers used her On-Site Marketing Expert service and we are so glad we did! The property was listed for less than two weeks when we got multiple offers and a full-price cash offer. Having Carol at the property was so helpful in many ways because 1) It was always perfectly clean and presented beautifully. 2) Right after she staged it and she was at the property, we discovered a small water leak that was from the neighbor's house into our garage. If she hadn't been there, it may have gotten worse. 3) I think it helps to have the on-site marketing expert stay at the house to make sure it's always perfect, turn on the lights when possible before showings and keep an eye on it, which is so much better than when a property is vacant. 4) She was able to meet with some service providers when we were repairing a few things and be there I wasn't available. 5) Carol's staging is always so spot on and gorgeous, the photography always turns out beautiful and the home always sells faster and for more money. As other happy clients have attested to, having Carol on-site meant the property was always "show-ready", warm and inviting. I can't say enough about how amazing Carol is not only with her design and decorating talents but how much she helps to make the sale a successful one for all parties involved. I feel strongly that I could not be as effective in my job without skilled and expert partners like her. Thank you, Carol, for all you do for me and my clients. Congratulations on another successful staging and closing!
Used On-site Marketing Expert - Long Time Past Client

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One of the reasons I bought this home was because Carol gave me the vision I needed for the house! I ended up purchasing several items in the home from Carol. Her customer service and follow up is Excellent. I will recommend Carol to everyone.
- Very Happy New Homeowner

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Over the years, Carol has staged 19 properties for our team. Property 20 was the first time we used her On-site Marketing Expert service and what a success! Our $1,848,000 Custom Home Listing sold in 9 days at Full Price even though we were competing with 44 other active listings in the surrounding community! Our secret to this fast, successful sale was our Stager and On-site Marketing Expert, Carol Roemmer. Carol’s staging drew rave reviews immediately, including from our professional photographer who has shot hundreds of estate homes. When you are competing with 44 other properties, your listing has to look fabulous for every preview and showing. With Carol on-site, the home was always in perfect “show condition", every room was immaculate and model perfect every time. Although Carol is often not at the property during the day, when possible she would make the effort to turn on every light in the house. This type of service saved me so much time, stress, and gas. Carol could provide access for agents, potential buyers, inspectors, handymen, and appraisers when I could not be there. The fact that the house was occupied also added a level of security for the Seller. On top of all these benefits, Carol gives special pricing when used as the On-site Marketing Expert, a Win-Win for everyone! We look forward to another Successful Transaction with Carol on our Team!
Used On-site Marketing Expert - Long Time Past Client

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Carol, thanks for the professional service. Your attention to detail and scheduling made everything seemless. Additionally, it help us get a contract within 45 days of listing. Thank you for the service, JD.
- New Investor Client

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I have known Carol for 25 years and she is a professional at what she does. She plans carefully so that the home shows perfectly. My clients were fortunate enough to have her as an “On-site Marketing Expert”. If there was anything that needed attention she would let us know. The home always was ready with short notice. It was the way the home showed that was the icing on the top. Thank you, Carol, for your help and doing a great job for us!
Used On-site Marketing Expert - Listing Agent

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Carol did an absolutely incredible job staging our home in West Floral Park! We spent 6 months completely renovating the home to preserve its historic integrity, and Carol was equally meticulous and thoughtful in her part of the project staging the property! Carol’s work played a huge part in our success of multiple offers within only 7 days on the market. An absolute pleasure to work with Carol and her team.
- New investor Client

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Thanks, Carol! You staged our house so perfectly that everyone that walked in could see themselves living in the house. The combinations of the house and your staging had us getting three offers on our first open house. I would recommend using your service with any house for sale.
- Grateful Owner - Sold in 6 Days<

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If you have had the good fortune of working with Carol Roemmer, you know that she puts her heart and soul into each home and the result is in a word….spectacular! From condos to castles, Carol’s artistry and attention to the smallest details transforms the average property into an exceptional dream home every time. It is truly awe-inspiring to see how she is able to bring out the best in a property and make it irresistible! She is amazing and I am a fan for life!
- Closed 5 Properties in 2017

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Carol's experienced skills and talent transformed our home into an executive showplace where we received multiple full price and above asking offers in days after listing. Her staging presentation proved to be a positive investment in obtaining a final sale price above neighborhood comparable sales.
- Owner Occupied Property

Carol, Thank you for making our house reflect the beauty of the ocean and the calm of the gentle ocean breeze! Your staging created the perfect expression of the beach-side community in San Clemente. Each agent and client who saw our house fell in love with it!! Your vision and attention to detail made the difference in making this house become a home. Every room was a carefully designed with the the casual yet family-focused lifestyle. Inside and out the living spaces were relaxed, comfortable, delightful to the eye, yet truly livable - you made the house sing with joy and comfort, making it the perfect choice for any family wanting a home by the beach. Thank you Carol and team!
- New Client

Carol, I am so happy I found you! Thank you again for the care and effort you put into my Woodbluff home. You exceeded my expectations. I came across Carol when my client purchased a beach home in Dana Point that she had staged. My clients fell in love with the home the minute they walked through the door. I attribute this to Carol's amazing staging and artistic eye in staging the property. When we listed their home in Laguna Hills, I had no choice but to hire Carol. The home had nice bones, but truly came to life when Carol was done. I sold the home in 5 days for full asking ($1,450,000). The buyer for that home had an identical experience to my clients and fell in love the minute she walked through the doors. Carol will be my “go to” stager for all my staging needs! Thank you Carol - You are the BEST!
- New Listing / Buyer's Agent

Carol did a beautiful job of staging this house. The 1905 Craftsman was built of solid Redwood and completely rehabbed including a Back house. Her team delivered the furniture and Carol and her assistant placed everything perfectly as you can see in the pictures. We had done a lot of work to salvage the original redwood T&G floors and Carol was extra careful with the moving and placing of furniture so there were no scratches or scuff marks. This house and staging were so exciting that the house was sold in 2 days. If you are trying to justify the value of staging I would always recommend doing it. Typically it will bring your price up by about 10%. That is a big number so give it some thought. I have used Carol before and I have always received offers that are considerably over local comps. Thank you Carol for another great staging job.
- Rehab Designer and Builder

Once again you find a way to make my listings look amazing! The best compliment to your work is when agents and buyers say "Does someone live here?" What I have found with other stagers work is that it "looks staged". Generally they are sparsely furnished with only a few rooms staged. The biggest difference in your staging is the use of accessories, plants, knick knacks, fully staging all rooms and the outside areas. Somehow you are able to stage a home that completely goes with the architecture of the home be it Cape Cod, Modern, Traditional, Beach Homes, etc. You always go the extra mile if it's last minute staging needs, arranging for house cleaners, window washers, virtual tours or just helping out with decorating ideas. Lastly my listings sell very quickly. I can't thank you enough for your support and help over the years!
- Listing Agent / Used Carol on 39 projects

I have been working with Carol for several years now and she is definitely the best home stager I've ever worked with in Orange County. She has great looking and "in-style" furnishings and decor. Everything is really nice and it doesn't look staged. The listings I have that Carol stages look more like a model home than a staged home. Sometimes people think the home is lived in but immaculate with no clutter! She does a complete staging that completely transforms a vacant home. Every time Carol stages one of my listings, it usually sells within the first 30 days! I can't say enough about how good she is and her team is also excellent too! I couldn't sell my beautiful listings that are vacant without her making them even more beautiful. Success every time!
- Listing Agent / Used Carol on 9 Project

Carol made our great house look beautiful inside and out. She is friendly, professional, and adjusted to our needs. We felt confident throughout the time our house was on the market that it was showing well and getting enthusiastic responses. She wasn't the least expensive but was well worth the cost.
- New Owner Client

I can't say enough about how professional Carol is and her expertise, in my opinion, is unsurpassed when it comes to the knowledge of staging homes. Everything she uses in the process is perfectly suited for the home and nothing gives the appearance of saving money or a shortcut. I buy and sell my fair share of high-end homes and always make it a habit to stage the home. Recently I used Carol for the first time on a project I had in Laguna Beach. Not only did the home staging come out perfect, but the perk was the home sold in 3 weeks! I am a repeat customer now!
- New Investor Client

Home Staging by Carol did an amazing job staging a property in which I had listed. Carol's professional installation of furniture and accessories certainly brought a gorgeous home up to a new level of class and sophistication and greatly assisted in placing the property into escrow. Not only did her staging look amazing but her pricing was also extremely fair. The home showed beautifully and the marketing pieces that I utilized were greatly improved with her furnishings. I would highly recommend Home Staging By Carol for anyone interested in selling their home.
- Listing Agent

I’m so glad that I found Home Staging by Carol. I had a bad experience with another staging company and had to have everything removed because it was torn, dirty and ill-fitting for my home. I was an owner-occupied customer and I am a very neat person. Everything Carol brought in was very clean, bordering on brand new. I found her to be totally professional. She promised me a lot and delivered more. I had some specific ideas about how I wanted the house to look and Carol was patient and asked me to trust her years of experience and judgment. It was the best decision I made. I had recently completely remodeled and Carol captured the clean lines of my home and created a relaxing uncluttered environment. The home photographed beautifully and the staging was instrumental in creating a great online presence and professional marketing materials. I’m positive her professional direction was very influential in the buyers' decision to purchase because it didn’t take a long time after she worked her magic to get the home in escrow. Thank you, Carol, for making the whole experience painless and above all a success.
Satisfied Homeowner

I'm constantly amazed at how amazing your work is Carol! I have seen a lot of staging in my 20 years in real estate and your staging completely transforms the interior. There are so many ordinary and flat out awful stagers out there! Carol's work is so impressive that time and time again, buyers and their agents want to know who the designer is! They immediately fall in love with her work. I would recommend using Carol's services over just about any stager I have experienced. I have been working with Carol for several years and even had her stage my own home prior to listing it.
- Happy Listing Agent and Past Staged Owner

I'm constantly amazed at how the staging of a house completely transforms the interior. So many homes and their associated living spaces come alive when you have a good stager decorate the space. I recently had the pleasure of working with Carol and her work staging the entire home we were purchasing. I have viewed so many homes and have come to the conclusion that a professional stager makes the difference in deciding to purchase. Carol's work was so impressive that my clients wanted to know who the designer was. They immediately fell in love with her work and met with her just before closing so that she could help them get the same "feel' as they had when they first viewed the home. I would recommend using Carol's services over just about any stager I have experienced.
- Amazed Buyer's Agent

Hi Carol - Once again I would like to thank you for the stupendous job you did to help sell my home on Moonfire. The following is a recommendation and testimonial for future clients. After five months having difficulty getting unfavorable results in selling my home, I made an appointment With “Home Staging by Carol." Carol and I never looked back. She had the vision to stage and compliment the interior the moment she saw my property. She was always prompt, stayed in touch, and maintained the property. The staging process was extremely efficient both in setting up and taking down the contents. Without Carol's excellent staging we would not have the favorable results, and I sold the property shortly after her presentation. I would not hesitate to recommend Home Staging by Carol again if needed.
Very Happy Homeowner

Where do we begin to express our gratitude to Carol...she is a TRUE professional in every sense of the word! When we decided to sell our home in the summer of 2014 our Realtor (who we admired and respected) HIGHLY recommended we consider staging our home and hiring Carol. We trusted all our Realtor had expressed regarding her positive experiences working with Carol and we decided to take the time to meet with Carol. We immediately realized why our Realtor felt as she did about working with Carol. We were in utter amazement the day we came home after Carol had staged our home! She had simply transformed our lived in home. We received countless compliments from prospective buyers, family and friends! We SOLD OUR HOME IN 5 DAYS and it would not have been possible had we not hired Carol! She has a true gift and her expertise is second to none.
- Owner Occupied Staging

Carol Roemmer of Home Staging by Carol has always done a most professional job for me and my clients. Carol carefully analyzes the "space" to be staged and complements the home and its environment with a refreshing palate of furniture and décor. This usually results in a faster sale!
- Listing Agent / Another Success Story

Carol Roemmer with Home Staging by Carol is amazing and so talented! I requested her help on a project to discuss her Owner Enhanced Staging Service for an owner-occupied home that I was listing for sale. I wanted to create a wow-factor as it was a beautiful home but some of the furnishings didn't work with the style of the home. Carol advised my clients to paint the upstairs a beautiful neutral color and she incorporated her superb attention to detail to stage the home and it turned out incredible! We sold it in six days for a great price! The clients were very happy and Carol went above and beyond (like always)! Thank you so much Carol.
- Listing Agent / Another Success Story

Carol, thanks...I appreciate your help in getting my property "SOLD". I was seriously shocked as to the response from most observers, buyers, agents and neighbors as to how much more livable the property was after having you "paint lipstick on my pig". Thanks again for doing a great job.  You're a real "PRO". 

- Listing Agent

I hired Carol to stage a condo that my husband and I had just finished remodeling and were putting on the market to sell. The condo is located in Downtown Long Beach in a mid-century building so I wanted staging that worked with that era and that complemented the sparkling condo we had created. Carol's staging was just right. It worked well with our updated condo and gave it the right feel. I think without her staging it would have taken us much longer to sell our condo. She and her workers always showed up when scheduled and were careful to not damage walls, etc in the condo while moving furniture and other items in and out.
- Owner / Listing Agent

Your staging played a very important role, once again, in our ability to achieve such a high price in that neighborhood. Zillow had our house valued at $524,500, and we sold it for $635,000! Most realtors told me the highest I would get was MAYBE $550,000, so we feel like we did really well, and your staging was a huge part of our success there.
- Past Client / Listing Agent

The home staging of our listing was crucial to the fast sale we required to keep our Seller in escrow on another purchase. We had 2 weeks to get the property under contract and we did it in 10 days thanks to Carol! Her eye for color, design, light and meticulous execution made our listing a stand out! Thank you, Carol
- Past Client / Listing Agent

Carol and her company consistently outperform her peer group. Work is and service is exceptional. Finished product always presents above industry standards.
- Investor / Developer

"I was very impressed and had lots of great feedback from everyone I've shared it with. I'm blown away with the difference in staging my property. Everyone who visited our open house commented on how impressed they were with the space, and it quickly became the jewel of the neighborhood. Our listing sold for 25% more than the nearest comp in the community - INCREDIBLE." I plan to have Carol stage my properties going forward."
- Satisfied Investor Client

Now that we have completed the sale of our condo, we wanted to express our thanks for all your efforts in staging the unit. We received numerous positive comments from prospective buyers and felt that your presentation was a real plus in our selling effort. Thanks also for your prompt assistance in vacating the unit on such short notice to enable the buyers to move in.
- Homeowner

Our home was on the market for five months with no offers. Carol and her wonderful staff transformed our home into a beautiful home for another family. It sold in less than a month. We interviewed three stagers and none came close to Home Staging by Carol. Not only is she a great stager she has a vast knowledge of the real estate market due to her past experience as a real estate agent. Her inventory of home furnishings fills a large warehouse and the movers she works with are top notch. I highly recommend Home Staging by Carol.
- Homeowner

Carol, you have staged in the last few years several of our new home condo models. Each time I call and say… Job well done! Your staging made a total difference in moving my product faster. As a builder this is important in reducing our holding costs. I look forward to our next project and another job well done.
- Owner / Builder

We would like to thank you for your incredible input and involvement on our three new homes. Your vision, expertise, planning and installations came together effortlessly. We were able to get top dollar for the homes shortly after your work was completed and I am convinced your staging enabled us to accomplish that. Home Staging by Carol is definitely part of our home-selling team. Many thanks to you!
- New Home Builder

We previously had our ‘lovely’ home on the market with our furnishings and it didn’t sell. We spoke to several stagers; one of them being Home Staging by Carol. During the interview with Carol one of her comments caught our attention… Staging a home is about making people like it so much that they want the lifestyle the home portrays. That was what we were missing. So we let Carol do her magic and it wasn’t Grandma’s house anymore, but the lifestyle the buyers wanted. We had an offer within two weeks, closed in 30 days and netted more money. Need we say more!

- Homeowner

I recently worked with Carol my listing San Juan Capistrano. I had heard of her before but didn't have the first-hand experience. Carol and her crew did an absolutely amazing job staging for my listing. She is extremely experienced in real estate and as a home stager has an incredible eye for furnishings and décor. Once I saw the home staged I knew it would create a lasting impression on buyers and it certainly did. We had a ton of activity, plus it sold and closed quickly. I would highly recommend Home Staging by Carol to my realtor colleagues and clients. In fact, I plan to use her on two more projects very soon. Thanks Carol!
- Listing Agent / Our First Project

Thank you for your outstanding work to ‘stage’ my late mother’s home in Corona Del Mar. My brother and I could not be more pleased with the results! Your experience and creative ‘touch’ really brought out the most attractive aspects of the entire property. Our Realtor said the buyer’s agent asked her to… Please tell the Sellers how much the Buyers LOVE the home. Everyone wins! Thanks again.


- Homeowner

Once again you did a fantastic job in staging my listing in Laguna Niguel. I know my seller was very pleased as well and when I held Brokers Preview I had more than one agent ask if they could get your contact information. You make the process very easy with your communication throughout the process.
- Listing Agent

Carol, I wanted to write you and thank you for making the sale of our listing a "Cinderella" story. With your vendors, your ideas, your attention to detail, and your furnishings, you transformed the home. That coupled with the professional photographer and virtual tour raised our marketing to the next level. I am looking forward to working with you again.
- Listing Agent

Carol and her team did an amazing job staging our new construction in downtown Huntington Beach. She brought life and a story into a house that was otherwise just a shell - she made our house a home. Her team was very professional and the move was completed in one day. Since our home was For Sale By Owner, I was able to directly hear the feedback that the potential buyers had for the staging and it was all positive. Our home was featured on the Huntington Beach Homes Tour and this would not have been possible without the beautiful furnishings. The quality of the staging was reflected when the new buyers asked to purchase much of the furniture. I can't recommend Carol's services enough and we look forward to using her again!
- New Construction Homeowner

I have known Carol in the Real Estate industry since 1980. She is prompt, responsible, knows the industry from sales, to setup. Her professionalism is to be highly commended. Clients and Realtors alike enjoyed the warmth and arrangement of furnishings in the home at Vista Plaza, Laguna Niguel.
- Listing Agent

Carol, I want to thank you for the beautiful staging job you did on my client's oceanfront home! You truly did all that you said that you would do and made a HUGE improvement in the appearance of the property in a very short time. You were amazingly efficient in managing this project. I really appreciate all that you have done to make this property inviting to prospective buyers and how pleasant and easy it was to work with you from start to finish. Should I have the need to stage another property, you will be the person that I call. I will be happy to refer you to other agents and sellers who have the need for staging. Thanks so much!
- Listing Agent

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for what a great job you have done at our listing in Shady Canyon. You transformed this home like a true artist, helped create incredible photographs, extremely professional with us as agents and the owners of the property, helped us with lights and prepping for showings…we couldn’t have asked for a better staging process and would be glad to be of reference to any future prospects. I have had some other experiences with staging and staging managers, and this experience changed my mind to the better. I hope that you will be available on my next vacant listing or even if a seller just needs a consultant to help stage to sell. Thanks Again!


– Listing Agent / Used On-site Marketing Exoert

What can I say – What a great service!

Although my listing on Hunt Club Drive in San Juan Capistrano was completely remodeled to perfection (everything was brand new and high end) and it was the lowest price in that neighborhood, we still had no offers after many months.  The owner made the decision to stage the property, which proved to be money well spent.
Within days of moving in Carol had the property ready to show and looking just like a model home.  Carol’s services are great! It was such a pleasure to know that when agents showed the home, they would be viewing my listing that had been beautifully decorated. When clients arrived she would always have the music playing, the lights on and candles lit on several occasions. Carol informed me of agents showing or previewing the property in a timely manner, along with the vital comments, enabling me to make timely follow-up calls.
In addition, what a great help to have her there to meet contractors, repair people and inspectors, not to mention catching a potential problem before it got out of hand.

Walla, the offers starting rolling in and now the rest is history.  My owner and I were very pleased with her service and would recommend it to any agent and/or owner trying to sell a vacant home.  Carol made a house into a home!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns

- Listing Agent / Used On-site Marketing Expert

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