Premium Staging of Vacant A Property

Buyers only know what they see, not the way it could be. Staging a home is about making the buyers like the home so much that they want the lifestyle the home portrays. Selling a home in today’s market takes innovative marketing and research. As important as it is to select the right real estate agent to market your home it is also important to present the property in the best possible manner. Home staging by Carol will make the house into a home; room by room. Our furniture, art, plants, custom arrangements, gorgeous bedscapes, decorating items and Carol’s design talents will make the home stand out. How much does it cost? A small price to pay to get the results you want – A Sold Sign on the property!

On-site Marketing Expert Staging

This program is the ultimate staging service for owners of vacant a property who prefer to have someone on-site for many reasons. When available, Carol will be your On-site Marketing Expert. The same quality of service as the Premium Plan but with more benefits. Imaging how much better a property shows when the agent / buyer walks in, all the lights are on, soft music playing and fresh scents await. Open houses say welcome. Plus periodic cleaning keeps the house in tip top shape. Early detection of a possible problems and meeting service professional are all handled. This plan offers all the features of the Premium Plan, but at a discounted cost. Click on the photo to view one of our recent On-site Marketing properties.

Owner Enhanced Staging

The way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are two different things. Starting with the initial consultation Home Staging by Carol will analyze what needs to be done to make the home ready for marketing. When you are ready to proceed we’ll help you neutralize the home, edit each room, bring in furniture, art, plants and decorating items, if needed. If other services are needed we have a concierge’s list. Then it’s time to start packing, you’re moving. Price will be determined after the initial consultation.

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